Thursday, April 26, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card - 4-26-12

This is turning into an interesting week for content and postings on Facebook from our 'focus group' of 25 active stations in a variety of music formats.   In 4 months of tracking we have seen weeks when stations grew their likes and built more comments and likes on posts.  We've also see some weeks where sharing was up.  This week we really don't have any 'huge' topics that seemed to be generating lots of reaction.  No huge new music releases this week - last week we had a lot more comments and posts on music.  No big gossip or news this week and really no big events on TV or in Movies that were big topics.  Many posted on Obama slow jamming the news and the news that teens where trying to get a buzz on hand cleaners - but without much reaction.

The 2 biggest reaction posts show how Facebook works best at uniting a community and how radio can build the bonds between it's audience on Social Media.  Two huge posts came out of WGCI in Chicago and the topics showcase them bonding with their audience in a very human and touching way:

Top Likes From Posts:

  1. 3,047 Likes  WGCI Chicago - Brain Dead Mom Gives Birth to Twins - Done over 2 posts 
  2. 2,828 Likes   WGCI Chicago - 10 Year Anniversary of Death of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes - 2 posts
  3. 595 Likes - Project 961 Atlanta - Hump Day Female Model pic
  4. 422 Likes - Q95 in Indy - Pic of Face in a Shadow - do you see it below. 
  5. 376 Likes WGCI Chicago - Beyonce Is People's Most Beautiful Woman 
  6. 337 Likes KQRS Minneapolis - Solider 'Britney' returns after duty and ready to rock on KQ
  7. 331 Likes WEBN Cincy - Free Gas Card contest
  8. 262 Likes Science finds most beautiful girl in stats. 
  9. 257 Likes KQRS Minneapolis - Pic of Fat Cat weighing over 40 lbs. 
  10. 227 - Likes - Alice Cooper and Steve Carell pics - see below 
  11. 212 Likes Z100 NYC - DJ Card - all songs with Pitbull see below.
Top Comments from Posts: 
  1. 656 Comments  Project 961 Atlanta - Girl banned from Prom with Confederate Flag dress - see below
  2. 534 - Comments on Science and the most beautiful girl
  3. 165 - Team gets the job done - see below
The top shares went to the Fat Cat with 120 shares - not a lot of sharing going on this week. 

You can see the audience activity is growing week by week with more likes and stronger comments when you have the right material in the posts that really grabs the audience in some way.  

Also note in WGCI posting pattern here that they very often take a topic or post and do it a couple of times over a 24 hour period.  Consider how fast the News Feeds often update and how soon you can see a post fall to the bottom of the feed and not get noticed by the people who just check a couple of times a day.  Also note that on your Time Line page (which is all you have now) you can see a post just fall off after a day or two and then you skip to last month or posts from long ago.  Posting a couple of times when you have something that is hot is important.  With the new world of Facebook moving faster you need to adapt if you want to stay on their News Feed and be on your Time Line page.   

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