Friday, March 09, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card 3/8/12

You can really see the growth in the audience reaction with more Likes, Comments and Shares on the posts from our Focus Group of 21 stations.  Looking over their posts during a 48 hour period this past week on 3/6 to 3/8 there were 179 posts that made our news feed.  That is a fairly average showing in the 2 months we've been keeping track.

Here is a breakdown of the post categories:

  • Station Liners - 29 or 16%
  • Contests - 15 or 8%
  • Polls and Questions - 25 - 14%
  • Pics, videos and links to stories - 75 or 42%
  • Music News - 35 or 20%
The top 5 posts for most Likes: 
  • Look how cheap gas was pic (below) - 961 likes
  • Dad's takes over kids FB page and posts - 872 likes
  • Wall Mart messes up cake - 668 likes
  • Road signs explaining expressway lanes - 617 likes
  • Girls painted bodies as Coors Cans - 548 Likes
Top 5 Posts for Comments:
  • Immigrant Wins Lottery Court upholds prize - 590 Comments
  • Lil Kim has no eyebrows - 510 Comments
  • Graph of Birth Control pills needed for Sex (Rush joke) - 416 Comments
  • Post a Caption for this dog pic - 290 Comments
  • Jessica Simpson Pregnancy Pic - 189 Comments
Top Shared posts:
  • Save Ward Hines (Steeler in Pittsburgh) 578 Shares
  • Wall-Mart cake mistake - 381 Shares
  • Cheap Gas (below) - 377 Shares
  • Cliff from Cheers explains how beer kills brain cells pic - 304 Shares
  • Road Signs explaining expressway lanes - 250 Shares

You can also see growth in overall fans with Likes at KISS in LA nearly at 200,000.  The audience is using Social Media more and more every week to interact with radio brands.  We've seen the top 'Like' posts hitting nearly double the numbers of 6 weeks ago.  The number of comments on the top posts are also more than double what they in early February.  Shares took a big jump this week and are now 4 times what they were for the top posts 6 weeks ago.   

There are also changes in Facebook that we need to keep track of with the Time Line for Brands now being introduced.   More on what that means to Radio Brand pages in a couple of days.   

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