Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card 2/7/12

Took a break last week to expand the panel from 15 to 20 stations.  We have to watch how many stations we try to track on our page.  Going after 2 many has the posts stacking up so fast there is no way to evaluate them all.  Remember it's not designed to be a full survey of Facebook Postings but a 'focus group' of what is going on with a group of stations that are pretty active, have a decent like/fan base and also represent a variety of formats.

This week we see considerable after Super Bowl activity.   You may note that I broke out Sports as a separate  field but really there wasn't much on the game.  Much of the activity was more focused on the commercials, the Madonna show and other topics that may have touched on the Superbowl but were not really covering the game itself.  Many of those posts ended up in New/Info, Music, and Polls.

With the 5 new stations in the mix we only cover 30 hours - and we have 191 posts that made the news feed in that period.  Here is the breakdown by Topic:

News/Info --  44 Posts - 23%  Links to Stories - pics and news
Music Info -- 21 Posts - 11%   Music/Concert information and links
Sports--------15 Posts -  8%   Sports discussion and news
Liners --------58 Posts - 30%  Promos for shows, station events, etc.
Personality ---15 Posts  -  8%  Personality quips
Polls/?s-------33 Posts - 17%   Audience questions
Contests -----  5 Posts -    3%  Facebook contests or on-air contest liners

Top 5 Posts with the most Comments
1.  Who would you like to see play this summer - 242 Comments
2.   Listener Family Night check in with a prize - 217 Comments
3.  Madonna halftime reviews - 146 Comments
4. Quit Job if you win Lottery?  121 Comments
5. Foo Fighters at next years Superbowl - 92 Comments
5. Review of Kelly C. singing National Anthem - 92 Comments

Top 5 Liked Posts
1. Foo Fighters at Superbowl in 2013 - 597 likes
2. A Minnesota Afternoon picture -  447 Likes and 239 shares
3. Kelly C's National Anthem - 445 Likes
4. Alligator at the front door pic - 262 Likes and 108 shares
5. Clint Eastwood Superbowl ad in Detroit - 236 Likes

And here is the Minnesota pic that drew 450 likes and over 200 shares - looks like fun - hope they got back to land.

We are seeing stations starting to get close to 100,000 likes in some markets.  KDWB is on a roll and close and Project 961 in Atlanta is running a contest to get to 100,000 and over 80,000 now.

I was rather surprised at the high number of LINER posts this week at 30%.  Most of them were just plugs for regular features or shows coming up and didn't draw much interest.  Country and AC stations were actually pretty quiet here.  While many country stations posted news on Randy Travis being arrested it didn't seem to  gather much reaction or dialogue.

Every week as I review the content it seems to be more engaging on some sites, while others don't seem to be generating a lot of reaction or posting topics that cut through the Facebook News Feed filters.

The Superbowl gave us lots of content this past weekend.  Next weekend it's the Grammy's - should be interesting.

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