Friday, February 24, 2012

Facebook Radio Report Card 2-23-12

We've had the 'Focus Group' in place for over 6 weeks now and looking over all the reports and notes you can clearly see an increases in the reactions to the posts.   While we have added a few big stations and their big fan bases are adding to the numbers we can also see some stations that we have been tracking from mid-January showing a lot more reaction to some of their more creative posts.

For the 30 Hour period from 2/22/12 and 2/23/12 at noon we had 188 posts.  That is down from the big numbers last week.  Valentines Day, Whitney's passing, and the Grammy awards generated a number of posts.

Let's look at the report card on the topics covered:

  • Station Liners - 46 posts - 24%
  • News Links - Funny Pics - 68 posts - 36%
  • Music News - 34 posts - 18%
  • Contests - 11 posts - 6%
  • Polls - Questions - 29 posts - 15%
The Posts generating the most Likes: 

  • President looking towards 1st Lady's Legs - 912 Likes and 260 Comments 71 shares
  • Free Beer Sign - see below - 799 Likes  and 98 shares
  • Funny Traffic sign - you'll never get to work - 684 Likes 
  • Name Kardashian Baby's fashion line - 392 Likes
  • Boy Toy's (KISS personality) daughter sings - 253 Likes 
Posts with the most Comments: 
  • Pic of a lots of beads on face in New Orleans - 132 comments
  • Pic of Headphones on very large breasts - 129
  • Pic of dog with unique pattern in fur - 119 Comments
  • Weird Finger bending pic - 108 Comments
  • Free Beer sign - see below - 98 comments
We had 2 pics that had a lot of shares 
  • Dogs - don't make eye contact - 158 shares
  • Dog with unique fur pattern - 138 shares

Dog pics really seem to generate considerable comments and likes as well as shares.  

Looking over all the data you can see stations really growing in Likes and overall fans.  The audience is joining up to a lot of the bigger market stations here with some big jumps in numbers.  Z100 in New York is over 215,000 likes and  KISS in LA is now above 180,000.   In Atlanta Project 961 is over 92,000 with a contest to hit 100,000.   But there are also markets where stations seem to be stuck at around 30,000 fans even with some very creative posts.   We are leaning it takes, creative posts, good on-air coverage, keeping active, and using Facebook wisely.   

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