Monday, February 28, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Summary Thoughts

The last 'idea' for Facebook Fan pages is Contesting.  There are lots of options here.
  • Prizes for becoming a Fan - Got a bunch of tickets to a show that you are not going to use on the air?  Hand them out to new Facebook Fans.  Got a bunch of discount coupons for lunches etc - hand them out to new fans.  Get Fans whenever you can.   
  • Photo Contests - Even without prizes this can work well.  Having them post the 'snow photo of the day' or pics of them dressed for Halloween or maybe Mardi Gras.  
  • Get into Facebook Games - This can be tricky, but take a look.  Games like Music Challenge might work for some formats like AC or Oldies.   Too bad they don't have this game set up for Alternative, Country, Hard Rock, Classic Rock, 80s etc.    
  • Do face offs - Have 2 new songs to debut - link to the videos and the most 'likes' wins.  
  • Tips for on-air contests - How about taking a High Low style contest and giving tips on the amounts on the fan page?  Ideas like this could help build fans.   
Summary Thoughts:  We covered a number of tips and steps to making your Facebook Fan Page a hit - here is a quick summary:   

  • Basics: Make sure to have a plan with your staff about using the Fan pages, Promote it on the air consistently, keep a log of your postings and promotions to track growth, make sure your name and logo are easy to remember for the audience.    
  • Build Fans: Use links, special fan greeting pages, on air promotion and get your fans to spread the news to their friends.  
  • Stay Active: Post at least a couple of times a day.  You can overdo it here, but it's more likely that we will not keep as active as we could.  Posting 1-3 times a daypart is about right.  Also make sure that you have a 'big post' of the day that sort of cuts through all dayparts. 
Radio brand have a long ways to go in building friends.  Lots of stations have barely scratched the surface of their real cumes here.   Just make sure you have a good plan, some creative/fun tactics and the strength to execute it everyday.   

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