Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips and Ideas for Your Facebook Fan Pages

Building a real destination for your listeners on a Facebook Fan page is the marketing tool for 2011 and beyond.  We've already looked at the wide spread usage of Facebook and looked at the results from the dabbling we've done in the media.  It's pretty obvious that we need to have a healthy brand presence on Facebook just as we needed to have a station website 15 years ago.

The first step is building a Fan Page where you can gather the audience with their 'likes' and begin to interact with them.  Let's start by looking a few pages that really stand out:  

  • First Red Bull : A very active page with over 14 million fans.  They have a pretty active Wall that is mostly controlled by them.  They also have Web TV, Games and a page dedicated to their athletes who endorse the product.    
  • Nickleback: Not much here with just the Wikipedia bio on the band and little else.  No wall, no pics, no news on the band, no links to their music.  Gee they have a ways to go here - especially a band that is as plugged in as they are on the web and sporting a full time AOL/CBS artist streaming radio channel.  
  • The Beatles: Apple Corps did a nice job with a basic page.  Good links to the music, a wall that has lots of interesting posts about Beatle stuff/artifacts, and with over 12 million fans. 
  • 103.5 Kiss Chicago: A very active page with over 75,000 fans which is a lot in the radio world.  But not a lot here?  No ties to the artists or the music, no station events noted, not a lot of updated pics and the wall is pretty out of control here with lots of complaints about their new morning show.   
This should give you some ideas and tips and there are tons more pages to look at.  Over the next 10 days we'll look at 9 specific tips and ideas and some thoughts on developing an effective and comfortable Facebook Fan Page Plan for Radio Brands.  

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