Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Ideas Part 2

Once you have the basics down of an easy to remember address, a good Facebook friendly logo, a plan for pics with regular updating and a healthy system of daily posting it's time to try a few other tricks.

  • Links - Yes you should link to your web site and any special show pages (Morning for example).  But, also go beyond - link to artists fan pages, local club/concerts, music reviews, and even cool products.  Getting your audience to link from your page will help you link up to more fans.  The more active the more action.   
  • Pics - Invite tagging.  A while back Lenny Kravitz posted a pic of tons of fans at a concert and invited everyone to tag themselves.  Consider a similar tactic with concerts, local events, etc.   Also let the audience post pics and make it a game - remember the old Show Us Your Rock 97 contests where they painted houses, cars and cut fields with the logo.  How about a contest with them posting pics?  Make your pics interactive and get more action.   
  • Link you stream - Make sure you link your stream and also look at any other cool audio links you can put in here.  Podcasts, cool bits, best of morning shows, etc.   
  • Polls- If you can find FUN and meaningful polls use them.  But avoid the mundane here.  Too often we have polls that are not fun to participate in.  
  • Badges - Make a badge for your station and your big personalities and invite fans to share them.  You can also award badges - maybe with some small prizes? 
  • Interact - The key with everything on your page is to get the audience to interact and watch it show up on their pages.  If you can attract their friends to check out your page you can really build your fan base and that will also help you build your brand and listening potential.   
Later in the week we'll wrap up the Facebook series with a summary and give you a potential action pla

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big homie said...

haha. good stuff. i was thinking about making a fan page.