Monday, January 24, 2011

Facebook Fan Page Ideas Part 2

Once you have the basics down of an easy to remember address, a good Facebook friendly logo, a plan for pics with regular updating and a healthy system of daily posting it's time to try a few other tricks.

  • Links - Yes you should link to your web site and any special show pages (Morning for example).  But, also go beyond - link to artists fan pages, local club/concerts, music reviews, and even cool products.  Getting your audience to link from your page will help you link up to more fans.  The more active the more action.   
  • Pics - Invite tagging.  A while back Lenny Kravitz posted a pic of tons of fans at a concert and invited everyone to tag themselves.  Consider a similar tactic with concerts, local events, etc.   Also let the audience post pics and make it a game - remember the old Show Us Your Rock 97 contests where they painted houses, cars and cut fields with the logo.  How about a contest with them posting pics?  Make your pics interactive and get more action.   
  • Link you stream - Make sure you link your stream and also look at any other cool audio links you can put in here.  Podcasts, cool bits, best of morning shows, etc.   
  • Polls- If you can find FUN and meaningful polls use them.  But avoid the mundane here.  Too often we have polls that are not fun to participate in.  
  • Badges - Make a badge for your station and your big personalities and invite fans to share them.  You can also award badges - maybe with some small prizes? 
  • Interact - The key with everything on your page is to get the audience to interact and watch it show up on their pages.  If you can attract their friends to check out your page you can really build your fan base and that will also help you build your brand and listening potential.   
Later in the week we'll wrap up the Facebook series with a summary and give you a potential action pla

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ideas for Your Fan Page Part 1

The Basics:  Some very simple points that many Facebook Fan pages seem to ignore:

  • The Address - How do I find your page?  The addresses are often a bit hard to figure out. Especially when you have a brand like 'Kiss' where there are many of them out there.  Try to get a memorable address and also PROMOTE IT A TON ON THE AIR as well as on the web site.   
  • Logo - The problem here is that your logo is really a 3X4 picture format on the top of the page and then in all your posts it ends up being cropped to a square format.  The trick here is to get your logo to fit in both formats.  
  • Pics - Make them fun, interesting and current. Of often the pics don't look that inviting in radio pages. 
  • Link your Stream - Let them dial you up from the fan page with a link.  There are a few stations that have developed Apps for facebook so you can invite the audience to link up their friends from their pages.  Surprised we only see the big internet only streamers using this for the most part.  
  • Keep the Posts coming - You should have a status for every day and the air staff should have something on Facebook for every shift.  If you have a hot topic or big developments you can move to hourly contributions from the studio, but watch having a lot more than that.  The key is making it interesting- too many entries just to have entries and too many 'commercials' will hurt.  
The key to making the Wall happen is to set up a real team here that is all on the same page for the Wall  Think of it as if you just let the jocks play whatever - you'd probably end up with less focus and a real confusing product.  The same for the Wall - make sure everyone is together on the guideline for posts and that  you have a method to the madness.   Later in the week we'll look at more ideas including tab tools in Facebook you can add to get the facebookers more involved on your site. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips and Ideas for Your Facebook Fan Pages

Building a real destination for your listeners on a Facebook Fan page is the marketing tool for 2011 and beyond.  We've already looked at the wide spread usage of Facebook and looked at the results from the dabbling we've done in the media.  It's pretty obvious that we need to have a healthy brand presence on Facebook just as we needed to have a station website 15 years ago.

The first step is building a Fan Page where you can gather the audience with their 'likes' and begin to interact with them.  Let's start by looking a few pages that really stand out:  

  • First Red Bull : A very active page with over 14 million fans.  They have a pretty active Wall that is mostly controlled by them.  They also have Web TV, Games and a page dedicated to their athletes who endorse the product.    
  • Nickleback: Not much here with just the Wikipedia bio on the band and little else.  No wall, no pics, no news on the band, no links to their music.  Gee they have a ways to go here - especially a band that is as plugged in as they are on the web and sporting a full time AOL/CBS artist streaming radio channel.  
  • The Beatles: Apple Corps did a nice job with a basic page.  Good links to the music, a wall that has lots of interesting posts about Beatle stuff/artifacts, and with over 12 million fans. 
  • 103.5 Kiss Chicago: A very active page with over 75,000 fans which is a lot in the radio world.  But not a lot here?  No ties to the artists or the music, no station events noted, not a lot of updated pics and the wall is pretty out of control here with lots of complaints about their new morning show.   
This should give you some ideas and tips and there are tons more pages to look at.  Over the next 10 days we'll look at 9 specific tips and ideas and some thoughts on developing an effective and comfortable Facebook Fan Page Plan for Radio Brands.  

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What Excites Facebook Users?

his is a tough question because there is SO MUCH to look at and new opportunities/ideas are being developed every day.  At the core is DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS.  That is foundation for the whole site and has to be kept front and center to help build your brand on the media.  Really the core of radio promotions and brand marketing has always been about developing a strong relationship with the audience.  We've done it on the streets with promotions, over the air with our imaging, personality, and audience interaction, and we also do it through the music formats we build.

As we venture into Facebook we really don't know what works.  Should we be developing games, posting videos, tagging pics, telling jokes, showcasing artists we play, polling, running ads for clients, or letting the audience interact with us?  Maybe we should be doing all of this, but that's a pretty daunting task.  We need to look at what the audience wants in a radio brand relationship?

Maybe the place to start is by looking closely at the pages of your 'friends' or 'fans' on Facebook.  Now you can't access the pages of the people that just 'like' your page, but you can build a panel or 'focus group' of fans.  You can invite people to be 'super fans' of the station and 'friend' them on another site where you perhaps can offer some freebees or other incentives.  Here you can look at up to 1000 people and see what else they like, what topics and features they react to and also learn a little more about them.

Another trick here is to simply keep track of what you do on the page and what the reaction is.  Keep a daily log on a spread sheet and you'll see what moves the 'likes' up and what got the FB audience moving.   Here is a rough example that you can build on with your own tracking fields:
Now you have some data that you can track and see what moves the meter.  Yes it will add a few minutes to the daily Facebook ritual, but now you have some ideas of what is working.   Of course there are a lot of features and ideas to try on Facebook, we'll look at those in the next Blog.