Monday, November 29, 2010

Radio's Mantra for 2011

We're only a month away from welcoming 2011.  A new year always brings forward new hopes and dreams for a better year than the one we just finished.  While 2010 looks like it was better than 2009 or 2008 but we all know that our radio stations have a long ways to grow. While the list piles up with tons of needed progress on:

  • Growing in social media
  • Moving distribution channels into mobile media and the web
  • Remaking our rules to the reality of PPM 
  • Developing and adjusting products for the new Millennial Generation that will become the bigger than the boomers we've entertained for years.
  • Keeping our strong cume penetration and TSL in a sea of new competition. 
  • Building an even stronger local presence in the community.
  • Becoming Cool/Hip again.
  • Doing all of it with budgets that are probably smaller than we need to really do the job.
It's a daunting challenge.  It may seem like a simple thought but there is a thread that weaves through all of these challenges and if we can keep our focus on 3 linked mantras I bet we can make 2011 a huge year:  
You may say 'hey we already do that.'  But, do you really? Or have you just been letting the music spin around in your music scheduling system where the computer just spits it out in the digital studio?  Have you just been ignoring much of the audience's needs and realities?  Have you taken the excuse of tight budgets and slim staffs to push community involvement to the side?  The great stations that gave radio it's strong position in the 80s and 90s completely embraced all of these key elements.  If we can do it again we can make a ton of progress on all those challenges on the checklist.  

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