Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rock's Music Drought

Happy New Year and New Decade

After 2 weeks of celebrating we're all back building great radio and of course that means the first music meeting or review of your currents for the year.

What's there?

Not much a bunch of 3 and 4th songs from releases as old as 18 months, a few new bands we added back in October that really haven't taken off yet and when you look at what's out to add -- it's even drier.  

We usually max out over the Summer and Fall as the music industry typically gets most stuff out before the holidays then takes off.  Hopefully we recover in Jan/Feb and by March we're off to a good year?

If you go back the last time we had a good year was 2008 and maybe 2007 for new releases.  Right now we are running on fumes for the Currents and there is not much out there to consider.   For most of the stations I work with we are revamping the clocks and adjusting rotations to deal with a new reality that new music will be scarce.  

The other factor we have to consider here is that Record Companies have been going through near death (or death) experiences and no doubt they are not signing as many new acts and also not able to work the old system to promote them.

So how are we going to capture new music and bands in the future (which seems to be now)?   Should we be scanning My Space? Digging bands out of the clubs and bars? That's pretty risky move and we all know the odds of hitting anything that sticks is probably worse than the lottery - especially when you are working this plan all by yourself for the most part.  

Obviously we need a whole new approach.   Any realistic ideas?    

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