Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making Big Events

Doing promotions is a great way to make any product (including your station) stand out.  We often think it takes big prizes or a huge event to get noticed.  Really what it takes is an ANGLE.  Something creative that catches the audience with a bit of a surprise.

Take this one from White Castle - who claims that if you want to break up on Valentines Day do it at the Castle:

Here's the official explanation from the White Castle Team:
Wanna get dumped on Valentine's Day? Try taking your lady to White Castle. But you'll need a reservation. The home of late-night cravings has had a Valentine's Day promotion since 1991, and it's expanded every year. This chain closes participating locations to Valentine's couples with reservations.

The special: a "steamy," "candlelit dinner" of 10 sliders, two 21-ounce sodas and French fries for $10.49, "leaving plenty of room in the budget for flowers, candy and entertainment." Staff will also upload a photo of your "romantic rendezvous" to the White Castle website. The restaurants will also be decked out in "theme" décor

You can see it doesn't take a lot here and it today's multi-media world they can get good coverage and get those White Castle's noticed.   Might not be a bad bit for your Morning Show to do if you have a Castle in your market.   
We can all learn from their example.  All you need to do is get creative.  

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