Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Main Street Is What Counts

There is a lot of stuff going on over on Wall Street and in D.C. The CCU drama, stock prices, the economy, station values, the satellite merger, and the 'new tech' all painting a gloomy or confusing picture for radio. It often feels like we are all fighting for the life of our industry.

While all this may be very important stuff the way we can all contribute to creating a much brighter picture and getting over the storm is to focus our energies on MAIN STREET.

It's obvious that while Wall Street may provide capital the revenue and the audience that helps generate it comes from Main Street. While Wall Street seems filled with wild expectations, big drama as money changes hands or is fought over, and greed Main Street is far more manageable. It's actually a place where we can help business' build their images and cash flow. It's a place where we can serve and entertain the community.

Instead of wringing our hands over all the issues that will be covered endlessly in the trades Radio can emerge if we do what we do best. So let's get to work planning and creating the best programming and sales efforts we can. Staying positive is where we need to start and there is no more positive place than the comfort of our Main Streets.

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