Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's About The AUDIENCE

Ever been listening to the radio and heard the jock talk all about their world. "They were off on a vacation and are a little off tonight since they are jet lagged." "They have a dog that just wants to go out every 2 hours." Do you really care????

Probably not, but we hear these kind of breaks all the time. As if exposing little details of someones personal life is so important or entertaining to the audience that they will hang around the break, through the commercials and perhaps some songs they don't like just to hear all about someones little personal issues?

While great personalities can get away with a few tid-bits about themselves as antidotes in a bit or setting we all hear moments where the interpretation of 'being a personality' means revealing more about your personal life. As if that's entertainment? It might be if you are such a captivating person or star that your every move was entertaining. Sorry, but it's probably not as entertaining to the listener as you may think.

Remember to the listener it's about THEM - not you. If your experience or story can somehow entertain them or be funny it's worth it. If not it's just more dribble in a world filled with dribble.

Yes, you are important and you have the mic but the audience is who you have to entertain. The people on the air who become personalities look first at the audience and then relate to them. Have you looked first at the audience???? Ask that first.

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