Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Tax Time SALES IDEA!!!!

Want to have a remote package that you can sell to lots of clients?

One that all of you audience will benefit from?

An idea that creates SALES at the event for the CLIENT?

It's a simple one and maybe you've tried it before.

You team up with a local Tax Accounting service and set them up at the client's remote.

The audience brings in their paperwork and maybe last year's taxes and you either calculate their taxes or just do the whole return right there. They know their refund and with a little paperwork apply the refund to the appliance, furniture, car, or any other purchase.

Dress it up - make the tax team the ABC Tax Service - Rock 105 Cash Cows or some other fun name that ties into your station brand.

Have fun with the accountants - turn them into 'personalities/characters' in the spots and on the air during the remotes.

Get real people on the air - Interview the listeners in the remote calls 'just got 2 grand back and we're into a new Ford Edge.'

If you start now you can be just in time. The tax team just takes a laptop and now they can file electronically so the whole deal is done right there. All you need is Internet access and they probably need small printer and you're up and running.

If you get there first and make it fun/entertaining you can own this remote package.

You still have time if you hustle - we have 9 weeks to tax deadline and you can get at least 6 weeks of action here from March 1st to April 15th.

Yes this is an old idea, but one we don't hear much and with the recession underway you and your clients need some tricks up their sleeve.

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