Monday, June 04, 2007

Are You Boring????

Another Monday as Summer Revs up and we're into the last Phase of the Spring Arbitron. Soooo what's going on on the radio? If all you have going on this week is a remote or 2 to sell cars, bars or cell phones and a few giveaway trinkets in the lunch show Bass Akwards contest how do you expect to shine? Is your 'blackboard' of things happening on the air blank like the pic here.

As we work with stations in today's multi station clusters on what happens on air after the morning show we often find a lot of effort to get Selector and the digital system all set up and running. The next 'big' effort usually goes into imaging and production between the records then the air staff, promotions, and special programing/features. But, with PDs often working with multiple stations and sales teams that sell multiple signals some of the stations fall between the cracks. These stations often have to make things happen with less resources. That shouldn't stop you from making the station exciting. You have a whole city, lots of other entertainment to link up with, and a big group of people to interact and party with (your audience).

Just having a good music mix and some creative sweepers isn't going to make any station a winner. The audience has tons of internet stations with unique hyper niche music mixes that we could never attempt with just music on them. There has to be something going on that's going to attract attention on a regular basis. It can be 'on air' or 'in the community' but if all you are working with is that music mix and a few sweepers you are in a sword fight with a tree branch.
Look at your blackboard - is it blank? Even if it's just a big party for the opening night for Pirates at the movie theatre, or a countdown for when Paris goes to Jail, a bar night to watch the last episode of 24 for the season, or a special preview night for the new Linkin Park album - get something going. Even if you have to 'make it up' get out and get going. All it takes is a calendar, a few brainstorm/idea sessions, an awareness of what the target audience is into, and the space to talk about it on the air.

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