Friday, March 30, 2007

Imaging = 2 Million Dollars !!!!!!!!!!

What would it cost if a 'client' came to you and wanted to buy 12 impressions an hour every hour for the year? While we'd probably back away because it's a lot of exposure for 1 client and it could get pretty tedious to listen to, but just imagine what that would cost IF we sold it to him. Let's say you charge $50 for a :60, in this case the 'client' wants some 10s a few 20s, a couple of live reads, and maybe 1 30 second spot an hour - so let's put the average rate here at $30. 12 units an hour is roughly 100,000 spots a year. Even if you treated overnights/weekends has a bonus and only charged for 70,000 spots it's over 2 million dollars. That is what the imaging is worth here.

Wow 2 million in air time. If that was your promotion budget we'd have Payton Manning on our TV spots, there would be huge billboards on every corner and our brand would be impossible to escape. Are you treating your imaging as if it was worth 2 Million? Or are we just running the same sweepers that are mostly weird movie and TV clips with the calls/slogan read over another packaged effect? Does you imaging have a real purpose or is it just window dressing?

Ideally you should be:

  • Recycling other dayparts

  • Selling your music position

  • Building up the station events and promotions

  • Promoting Usage (music quantity, at work listening, web, special weekends)

  • Creating the Attitude/Feel of the station.

Most stations do a real good job of creating the attitude and building the events/promotions, but let the other unique selling points fall to the background. In any 20 minute period (the listener's commute) you should cover at least 4 of the 5 points listed above. Once you start to build a plan that has a consistent purpose and keep it fresh with strong creative you will have a 2 Million Dollar imaging machine. So when you whip out the budget for the Spring Book - go ahead and just add a million to it (the CFO won't even notice).

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