Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Internet Radio Listening UP 150%!!!!

This week we see in a release from JP Morgan that weekly listening to Internet Radio Stations or streams is up 150% growing from 20 Million weekly listeners at the start of 2006 to a new estimate of 30 Million. Revenue from streaming and the web sites that go along with the streaming stations is also up to 500 Million.

That's very impressive growth and likely to continue as more and more people find out how easy it is to tune in on the lap top or desktop. When you compare this media to all the talk and noise we have from the Satellite Radio camps you can see why there is talk of a merger of XM and Sirius. Right now the best estimates place satellite radio subscribers at 14 Million and the goal is to deliver 20-30 Million by 2010. Internet Radio has been quietly growing and is already past their 2010 goal. At this rate by 2010 Internet Radio would pass 80 million - well over double the Satellite Radio audience.

Now we add the news that the technology is available to turn your car into a WIFI hot spot and be able to full access the web as you drive down I-75 and we can easily imagine being able to tune into the whole spectrum.

Stop moaning! You're great radio brand already has a web site and you can (with a little work) stream if you are not already doing it. The audience is growing and streaming technology is getting easier to deal with every day. Just the other day I was listening to the Score in Chicago and they noted that over 4,000 were listening on the stream that morning.

We DO need to work out a settlement with Arbitron on getting credit for streams even if the commercial content is different due to the voice over compensation. Sooner or later the VO talent has to realize that their 'fight' over this will hinder the whole terrestrial radio industry and that they are being very selfish and endangering their whole lively hood. The ad agencies also need to see this writing on the wall.

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