Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TV - NOT for Boomers???

Was catching up on the local news and hit an story on a survey that finds Boomers are Alienated by TV - www.southbendtribune.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061121/Ent04/611210478/-1/ENT

The study was done by Harris Interactive and comes up with a number of findings on Boomer's opinions on TV:

  • 37% of boomers are unhappy with TV programming.
  • Over 80% claim they have a hard time finding TV shows that reflect their lives
  • Over 66% belive most TV programs and advertising is aimed at people under 40
This is no surprise as TV has been obsessed with being 18-49 for the last 10 years and now over 60% of the boomers are older than 49. Advertisers are far more concerned with Paris Hilton than Sharon Stone. The marketers see the echo boomer generation still building their preferences and they want to be in the club at all costs.

On the McVay website I just did an analysis of the under 34 generation showing the losses radio is suffering in the demo and some ideas to rekindle the youth radio market:
Radio is clearly falling out with the younger demos and while TV hasn't taken them away it's all the other media out there. Clearly Radio will have to go on younger demo life support for a while to regain strength here.

Remember the old saying - 'when you get lemons you make lemonade.' Maybe it's time to start selling and marketing the huge strength that radio has in reaching the largest generation ever that is now in their prime earning years in their 50s. For many the kids are gone and they are planning a retirement and consuming consuming consuming.

Reaching them on TV (the survey shows boomers are not happy there), going on the internet (MySpace for boomers? - I don't see it). The only electronic media left is Radio and it reaches over 90% of them. They listen around 10 hours a week on the average. Sounds like a pitch to me let's do lunch and write it up.

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