Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Men Spent More Than Women on Black Friday

I'm sure most marketing 'experts' would have painted the male shopper on Black Friday as too hung over from all the football and turkey to ever get out of bed. Surely he is still on the couch hugging the remote. Well it just didn't turn out that way this year and really most years Men are a lot more important than most marketing teams give them credit for.

While Women may have outnumbered Men (47.9% Women and 37.4% Men) the Men way outspent the Women. Men on average spent $420.37 while the Women spent 304.30. When it came to BIG TICKET items Men were the ones making the decisions and laying down the cash. Take a look at the link and you can see what they spent money on. It's a great range of goods and ones that your sales team should be able to pull in some business on.

In Rock radio sales we often get ignored. 'Your audience (men) doesn't shop we are spending the marketing dollars on women' is an excuse we've all heard for years. Perhaps it's time to see that Men spend money. If you want it rock formats and sports are most likely your best avenues. Sports costs a ton of money - so welcome to rock radio.

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