Monday, October 02, 2006

Radio Attacks/Wars

We've all been involved in a name calling, we are #1 radio war. Changing the promos daily and driving the voice guy crazy fighting over every competitive advantage from 'the most music' to 'music/format purity.' While we seem to enjoy each little victory in the war we often see the audience either care less, or worse actually feel that the attacker is 'just beating up' the other station for no reason.

In recent years these attacks have fallen off. With consolidation why would you attack the guy just down the hall? But, they still go on and sometimes even in the same cluster. Now with the mid-term elections nearing we see attacks from the politicians that make even the most brutal of our radio wars seem so tame.

As we watch I'm sure all of us have had the 'would you guys just cut it out' reaction, much like we have when a bunch of 3rd graders are fighting in a classroom. Yet, when you look at all the research politicans do on their campaigns, all the strategy from teams of very intellegent advisors, and all the dollars they spend why do they end up with these annoying wars?

I bet it's because they STILL WORK. For all the spots we're seeing this season they MUST WORK even better than we all think. Maybe we should be starting some wars again.

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