Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rock Radio - Spring 06 Ratings Report

The news doesn't look good in the headlines as the format is DOWN again and by a pretty significant margin. But, looking deeper at the facts there are a lot of big success stories to tell. The big reason numbers are down is Howard Stern leaving for Sirius. A number of rock stations coverted to all Talk with Free FM and others lost shares in the Mornings as the Howard replacements had no prayer of hitting his numbers. Those that didn't have Howard usually had up books.

Musically Active and Alternative rock stations are in pretty good shape. Lots of big artists, strong debuts, and robust sales are all pointing to the best times in rock music since the 90s. If you want to dive into the details look at our in depth report - http://www.mcvaymedia.com/rock/06/spring06_rock_ratings_report.html

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